Professional [Entry-Level] Documents


Editorial Changes to the Standards 

The editorial changes listed below were approved by the Commission on October 31, 2013.  The editorial changes are highlighted in red.   The intent of the standard remains the same, these are editorial changes only.

  • Standard 48: The variety of patient populations, care providers, and health care settings used for clinical education must be consistent with the program’s goals and objectives.   Replacing “mission statement”
  • Standards 67  “An active communicable and/or infectious disease policy as determined by the institution must be established and made publicly available.”
  • Standard 68: “Students must read and sign the program’s active communicable and/or infectious disease policy as described in Standard 67.”
  • Standard 88: “Program Admission, Retention and Advertisement: If the program uses a secondary selective admission process, this must be stated in institution publications. The standards and criteria must be identified and publicly accessible.”   Replaces “university”

CAATE Standards for the Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs

Competencies Matrix

The competency “matrix” is now available through e-Accreditation under Curriculum for program use.

For Conditions of Use and permission to reprint the Competencies, please click here.

Program Director Change Information


NOTE:  The Program Director information may be changed by the CAATE Office only.  Institutional administrators are responsible to notify the CAATE within 30 days of anticipated or actual departure of the Athletic Training Program Director.  Failure to do so will result in the program being placed on Administrative Probation. The CAATE Office will update the Program Director information after receipt and review of the appropriate materials.    All other program administrators may be changed within e-Accreditation.