Accreditation Fees [Professional]


The initial or continuing Application for Accreditation Services, and the associated Application Fee of $5000, made payable to the CAATE, is due in the CAATE Executive Office when the CAATE Application for Accreditation Services is submitted with the self-study. This $5000 fee is all-inclusive with all site visit expenses covered by the CAATE.  Programs will not be invoiced for expenses as has previously been done.   No program will be reviewed until the Application Fee is paid.  No accreditation action decisions will be given to the institution until all site visit expenses are paid.

For further instructions on completing the self-study, please review the file titled “Instructions for Developing and Producing a Self-Study” available on our website.

Annual Program Fees

An annual program fee is also required of all accredited programs to assist with the functioning of the CAATE office and will be due 60 days after the billing date.  As has been previously communicated to athletic training education leadership, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education recognized that there was a need to increase our accreditation fees. As a result we have been assessing the current fees for program accreditation.  The CAATE has a very aggressive agenda aimed at continuous evaluation and improvement in the quality of accreditation services we provide. That agenda focuses much attention in the area of automation. We are developing a more advanced electronic infrastructure, capable of responding to the data management needs of both the educational programs we accredit and the Commission.  Our aim is to conduct all accreditation reporting processes electronically. Additionally, we will develop instructional modules and new methods of information delivery designed to create professional development opportunities for athletic training education program directors. It goes without saying that these initiatives are not without cost, both in terms of financial and personnel resources. For this reason, the CAATE re-evaluated the current fee structure in terms of alignment with the nature and quality of accreditation services we provide. The fee structure previously in place remained unchanged since well before the JRC-AT left CAAHEP in 2006. Since then, we have realized a vast increase in the number of people directly involved in our accreditation processes and in the services we provide.   The Annual Program Accreditation Fees for Professional (Entry-level) Programs are listed below.

Annual Program Accreditation Fees
  • $1600.00 to be invoiced July 2012
  • $1850.00 to be invoiced July 2013
  • $2100.00 to be invoiced July 2014