Post-Professional Degree Programs


An individual enters the profession of athletic training via passing the Board of Certification (BOC) athletic training credentialing exam after graduating from a CAATE accredited professional education program that prepares them to be a competent and proficient healthcare provider.  Individuals may choose to pursue further advanced education and training at the post-professional level after they have become a credentialed athletic training professional. A variety of post-professional athletic training educational programs currently exist to support the professional development of athletic trainers. The Commission accredits post-professional graduate athletic training programs (degree programs) and post-professional residency programs (certificate of completion).  Post-professional graduate degree programs and residency programs are designed to prepare athletic trainers for advanced clinical practice, and research and scholarship, in order to enhance the quality of patient care, optimize patient outcomes, and improve patients’ health-related quality of life.


A “Post-Professional” Athletic Training Graduate Degree Program differs from a “Professional” (i.e., Entry-Level) Athletic Training Program in purpose, design, and content.  The mission of a Post-Professional Athletic Training Graduate Degree Program is to expand the depth and breadth of the applied, experiential, and propositional knowledge and skills of athletic trainers, expand the athletic training body of knowledge, and to disseminate new knowledge in the discipline. Post-professional graduate education in athletic training is characterized by advanced systematic study and experience—advanced in knowledge, understanding, scholarly competence, inquiry, and discovery.

Provided below are links to two essential documents describing the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accreditation of post-professional athletic training graduate degree programs.  Below are links to two essential documents.  The first document is entitled, Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation of Post-Professional Athletic Training Graduate Degree Programs. Its purpose is to provide step-by-step instructions to post-professional athletic training graduate degree programs that wish to pursue or maintain accreditation. The second document defines the CAATE’s Post-Professional Athletic Training Graduate Degree Program Standards and Guidelines, hereafter referred to as the Standards and Guidelines.  Its purpose is to explicitly define the requirements to achieve and maintain CAATE accreditation of post-professional athletic training graduate degree programs.  By requesting accreditation, the sponsoring institution of the graduate degree program agrees to be assessed against the Standards and Guidelines. The sponsoring institution of an accredited graduate degree program must comply with these Standards and Guidelines and use them to examine, improve and report on its program’s growth and achievement.

Accreditation Documents

CAATE Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation- Post-Professional Degree Programs

2014 Standards for Accreditation of Post-Professional Degree Programs

Accreditation Fees

Currently all accredited post-professional programs are under the current program fee structure:

Annual accreditation fee for accredited programs: $500
Initial application fee for accreditation: (plus expenses) $500
Site Visitor Honorarium (2015 visits only)
(paid to each site visitor and billed to the program):

Annual accreditation fee for AY 2016-17= $1500

Site Visit Fee for AY 2016-17 = $5000 (all inclusive)