CAATE Presentations and Workshops

Representatives from the CAATE will be present at each NATA District Meeting and will be holding many updates and open forums in 2014.  In addition, several workshops for Program Administrators will be held in conjunction with district meetings.   Please see tentative schedule below.  As more dates/times are determined, this page will be updated.   Copies of the presentations will be posted on this site after the meetings as the become available.




Jan 10-13

EATA (District 1 & 2)

January 12th- Update and Open Forum

Mashantucket, CT

Feb 6-8

SEATA Educator’s Conference

February 7th – Keynote – CAATE Update and Open Forum, 12-1:15 pm

February 8th – Program Administrator Workshop, 8am-1 pm

CAATE Standards Presentation

Assuring and Enhancing Quality Education SEATA Educators Conference 2014

Atlanta, GA

Mar 12-15

GLATA (District 4)

March 12th – Program Administrator Workshop, 5-8 pm

March 13th – Update/open forum, 11am-12pm

Wheeling, IL

Mar 14-16

SEATA (District 9)

March 14th- Update and Open Forum, 4-5pm

March 14th- Education and Leadership Roundtable, 5-6 pm

Atlanta, GA

March 21-22

District 10

Update and Open Forum TBD

Portland, OR

Mar 27-29

District 5

March 27th – Update and Open Forum, 7:30-9 pm

March 28th- Program Administrator Workshop, 1-4 pm

Des Moines, IA

April 10-13

District 8

April 12th  Joint session with CEPAT- Emerging Settings Session, 1-3 pm

Update and Open Forum, TBD

Las Vegas, NV

April 10-13

District 7

April 12th- Update and Open Forum, 10:30-11:30

Provo, UT

May 9-11

District 3

Update and Open Forum TBD

Va. Beach, VA

May 16-18

College Athletic Trainers Society

Las Vegas, NV

June 25-28


Indianapolis, IN

July 17-19

District 6

Update and Open Forum TBD

Frisco, TX